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Oil changes are a common service we provide here at Volkswagen Saco. Our skilled technicians work on all sorts of models to keep them in shape.

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How Often To Schedule an Oil Change

In many vehicles, an oil change is needed after driving between 7,500 miles and 10,000 miles. Twice per year is also a good way to think of it, as oil will degrade even when not in use.

The owner’s manual should include more detailed information about your exact model and what oil change intervals will look like. Your vehicle might even have an oil life monitor that tells you exactly when its time. Check out the manual or listen to the message from the oil monitor to schedule your next appointment.

Driving Conditions and Oil Changes

Certain driving conditions often call for more frequent oil changes. These include the following:

  • Towing
  • Off-roading
  • Driving short distances, especially in cold weather

While it’s obvious that towing and off-roading make the vehicle work harder, the last point may not be so obvious.

To explain, it’s because the oil needs heat from the engine to loosen up. If you don’t drive very far, the engine doesn’t get the chance to come to temperature and send that heat to the oil. Driving further when applicable can help with this issue.

Where To Schedule an Oil Change

You can schedule an oil change at our dealership. Contact us, or fill out our convenient online form to reserve a day and time that works.

Our technicians are happy to replace your engine oil and filter, as well as provide any number of other services. From tire rotations to brake repairs to engine inspections, they handle it all to keep your vehicle at peak performance.

Browse our current service specials to see what’s available. You may just be able to find an oil and filter change for a great value!

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Peruse the other links on this page to learn more about our oil change services for those near Saco, Portland, or Scarborough, Maine. Contact us at Volkswagen Saco to schedule your next appointment!

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